At the heart of Bobby Jasso’s life quest – a practice in the art of awakening, healing, safeguarding, and empowerment. His service mission began when elected Student Body President in both junior high and high school and President of his city hospital’s chapter of Jr. Volunteers. Logging in 6,000+ hours in high school as an ER/Ambulance Volunteer EMT was a life-shifting experience in which he witnessed life’s fragile range of miracles and tragedies. 

The soul lessons realized were a knowing of how delicate and short life can be, and, an urgency to live the most optimum and empowered life possible. Concurrently, and equally profound, was Bobby’s leaning toward the power of music and how songs could soundtrack the human spirit and effect change in one’s heart. 

As his Medical College Admissions Test prep window approached, having already become disenfranchised with the litigious bureaucracy of our health care and insurance systems, Bobby chose not to continue pursuing his intended career path , Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgery, opting instead for a channel allowing him to speak straight into the scars of one’s heart – an emotional-spiritual level – to dialogue with as many hearts possible, anywhere in the world, 24/7, even after he transitions from this life…a vehicle of change that could be realized as a singer-songwriter. 

Prior to receiving his B.A. in Communications for the University of Texas – RGV, Bobby was recruited to write radio commercials for the top pop English-language radio station in the Rio Grande Valley, which ultimately enhanced his skills as a lyricist. 

After college, Bobby took his experience playing trumpet in marching band, his private voice, piano, and drum kit lessons, and his lyric tenor choral experience with the Rio Grande Valley Symphony Chorale, and capped it off with a Comprehensive Audio/Video Recording Engineering Associate’s Degree from Full Sail University for the Recording Arts. 

TANTRASONICA  [tha music, words, & vocals] 

Years later, the Texas-bred, L.A.-based vocalist-lyricist-percussionist-actor has compiled a 5-song EP, In the House of ZenRage, co-produced with Frank Gryner (Tommy Lee, Rob Zombie, Train) and rock artist Karen Stever. Tracks include: “Karma,” “Slave,” “Lead With Love,” “Not Your Groove,” and the co-penned “Falling Through.” 

Bobby dubbed his style of music “TantraSonica” – an industrial ethnotronic bounce rock mash-up. Collaborators and fans have described his arrangements as “epic,” his ballads, “moving” – “NIN meets Lenny Kravitz.” Bobby would humbly add the sonic influences of: Sixx: A.M., Pierce The Veil, Fall Out Boy, Rise Against, Faith No More, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and LInkin Park. 

Universally-relatable, conscious lyrics are the key drivers in Bobby’s heart-driven service mission. He cleverly unfolds galvanizing perspectives about awakening, self-empowerment, anti-bullying, suicide prevention, transformation, tolerance, compassionate justice, unity consciousness, love, loss, death…life. Bobby’s lyric-writing influences include: Trent Reznor, Zack de la Rocha, Chester Bennington, Jared Leto, Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Dave Grohl, Steven Tyler, and Bono. 

Whether singing in English, Spanish, or several other languages, Bobby’s 5-octave lyric tenor range reveals timbres from low-growl characters, tribal grunts/wails, and angst-filled rap, to pop-funk-rock swagger, boys’ choir falsetto, and his signature high-soaring rock belt. Bobby’s vocal influences include: Patrick Stump, Tony Harnell, Mike Patton, Geoff Tate, Brandon Boyd, Bono, Marc Anthony, and Scott Weiland. 

Bobby’s songs have been selected for numerous themed compilations supporting the arts, our troops, anti-bullying, and suicide prevention causes. “Lead With Love” was chosen by the AnonymoUS Initiative for its anti-bullying compilation CD, “AnonymUSe 2: Songs about Self-Bullying & Inner Resiliency.” An iTunes Main Page Feature Release which quickly reached #14 on the Singer/Songwriter charts, the CD also was an Amazon Top 5 Featured Release of the Week and CD Baby’s Featured Compilation Album of the Day. 

GOIN' LIVE  [the stage] 

Amplified by his signature white center-striped tribal face paint, Bobby’s energizing and passionate delivery is one part newborn wonder, one part swan song urgency. A vocal technician with powerhouse pipes, Bobby gives over to the moment as if it were his very last performance, always in an effort to create memorable, honest moments in the fray with his audience. 

The tribal vibe goes from zen to rage even more quickly when Bobby steps behind and plays his custom-designed, stand-up tom-tom kit for a visceral display of visual rhythm and vocals. Bobby knows one mode – SMASH – and it almost always results in broken sticks, heads, drums…fingers. 

SHAPE SHIFTER  [tha alter egos] 

When the voices of creativity inside call Bobby out to play, he obeys…by morphing. 

He was a featured cartel thug guarding Blake Lively’s character in the Oliver Stone film, Savages. 

Bobby breathed a passionate urgency into primal vocals and tribal percussion as: former, original co-lead vocalist/percussionist for electronic rock band, SkinMask; Rock en Español and gypsy flamenco vocalist for Michael Battista’s Piratas de Amor; MC-Hype Man-Percussionist-Vocalist at L.A, LoveStock Festivals; Drummunication Transformational Drum Circles; Trance Dance Yoga classes; Love Mob’s “The Beat” and Reign Morton’s “In the Moment” music flash mobs; and, Fire-Water Goddess Sham’s belly dance appearances. 

Bobby has appeared as a Featured Artist with the Agape International Choir belting his signature rock-fueled vocal version of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “Fantasy.” With choral training early in his career, Bobby has been part of choral ensembles backing or sharing stages with Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban, India.Aire, Nathan East, Jamie Cullum, Nikki Harris, and former Doobie Brother, Michael McDonald. 

Bobby’s collabs include Colorado Alt-Rock singer-songwriter Chris Varosy, New Jersey DJ-Producer N Pa, Minneapolis DJ/MC Mikey Fineline, and fellow Edinburg, Texas native, producer and multi-instrumentalist, DJ Skootr Valdez. 

NOW UP NEXT  [tha look forward] 

This former radio ad copywriter-turned recording artist and emerging producer in many way is just coming to the surface. Stay tuned as the ZenRage epic continues to unfold. Thanks for your support! 

1 TRIBE            1 HEART            1 LOVE 

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